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Science Making Life Longer

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

In 1920, the average life span of a human was about 64 years old. That does not seem like a very long time. Today, that expectancy has risen to 77 years old. That is a lot more living for many people and you can thank science for it. IT is no mistake that people are living longer because of the advancements in medical technology. Now, people are able to use the best of the best in medical treatments. They can even have transplants for various organs or even a mechanical organ used until a real one can be found.

Science has also improved the length of life in other ways. For example, the advancements in improving food quality and gaining additional nutrients is just as important. The fact that science has taught people how to kill bacteria and how to avoid it, has helped to keep people healthy longer.

What is so unique and often so important is the fact that people can live a longer and a healthier life. Science has helped more people than ever to reach the 100 year old mark. With these advancements, it is likely that people will hit that goal ever so slightly over the next decades.