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About Quiznos….

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Quiznos is a fast-food sandwich chain, whose main specialty is the toasted submarine sandwiches. It is the second-largest submarine sandwich shop chain in North America, apart from Blimpie, although it is still not as large as the Subway.

There are more than 4,000 shops in the United States. In addition, around 300 in Canada, and 100 more spread out in 13 other countries including Ireland, the United Kingdom, Cayman Islands, Iceland, Japan, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Panama and Guam. You can find mention of Quiznos in every major food guide.

Quiznos dishes out lip-smacking, tongue tingling food without compromising on the quality. The consumer today prefers a fresher and tastier alternative to the traditional fast food restaurants. Using the best of ingredients available, the master chefs give you an exclusive food ride every time.

When you sink your teeth into a scrumptious sub, you can feel the tingle in your taste buds. The signature sauces give the combination of premium meat and artisan bread a different “zig”, as Quiznos rightly terms it.

Customers can try out different combinations by asking the chef to use various herbs and condiments. You can choose from the variety of subs or salads according to your mood. Quiznos’ chefs are famous for dishing out treats for your taste buds. Due to this, the market value of Quiznos has risen at a considerable rate. Food guides are incomplete without the Quiznos delicacies.

Apart from recipes and other Quiznos related information, their website also has nutritional facts about the various dishes their chefs cook up.