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Science And Cooking: a Lesson For Anyone

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Science is often thought of as a method of creating formulas and doing experiments. Food doesn’t usually come into play with that, though. Science and cooking actually do go hand in hand. When you prepare food to eat, you change the physical and often chemical reaction of the food to make it into something new. That is science.

What makes this so interesting is just how well you can get children involved in science through the means of cooking. Even the smallest of children will enjoy the thrill of watching baking soda and vinegar bubble up in the reaction that happens. Older children can even learn a bit of math with measurements and the explanation of how batter for a cake ends up into such a moist and tasty creation is just as interesting.

There are many reasons and ways to get your children involved in making food, preparing meals and to get them interesting in just the science of it all. For those children that love science, this is a great real life experience for them. For those that do not have a real interest in it, cooking may be a great way to open their minds to it!