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Thursday, April 26th, 2007

For as long as man has been on earth, he has watched the stars. Astrology, the science that developed from stargazing, has survived the centuries, but not in tact. Astrology has taken many hits over time, it has been, at times, derided by scientists as an utterly fake belief system, and has undergone many transformations. While it has survived, modern day astrology is a distant relative of its ancient ancestors.

When astronomers first began to map the heavens thousands of years ago, and to place the planets in that stratosphere, they also began to designate characteristics for the planet’s movements as they believed the plants held sway over daily life. For example, Pluto was considered believed, to have underworld qualities, while Venus was considered a plant of love and attraction. Mars was the planet of war, and Saturn the taskmaster of the universe.

Those trained to map the stars and their movements used the planetary activity, combined with their personal traits, as tools, to help, to serve and to predict. Medical experts consulted astrological charts to aid in healing. Astrologers believed that the planets ruled certain parts of the human body and so doctors used the stars as both a diagnostic tool as well as a tool for rehabilitation. Engineers used astrology for planning and executing great civic projects. Astrologers were consulted in marriage proposals and births were watched closely to attain their auspicious qualities. Astrology also played a major role in the prediction and interpretation of weather, famines and wars.

Several civilizations relied heavily on astrology to set their course. Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek and Roman societies all held astrologers in vaulted positions. They were considered highly trained men, with great wisdom to impart.

The astrology chart system is one of the only aspects of the science which has largely remained untouched over time. It breaks the year down into the twelve parts, each part is ruled by a series of planetary influences. Astrologers believe that the moment a child is born determines much about their personality and their future.

Astrology’s popularity soared into the Middle Ages and then saw a rapid decline, making it almost obsolete. Beginning with the mid-20th century, though, its profile has risen, culminating in a modern day resurgence. Astrology experts are now highly paid consultants in many parts of the world, and many enjoy world wide popularity, by virtue of major publications and the internet.