Lasik Eye Surgery

December 17th, 2011

The name LASIK, which has become much better known in the past few years, stands for Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. It is a handful to say, which speaks to why most don’t. LASIK has become the name most professionals use with the public. Lasik is a form of eye surgery, which is designed to help correct sight problems caused by either one or two misshapen cornea.

The procedure has developed a reputation for being easy, relatively pain free and minus any major side effects. The best testimonial for the procedure has been that it is very effective. Most patients come away claiming their eyesight has dramatically improved. The operation is performed by a medical eye specialist specifically trained in LASIK techniques and is very often covered by most medical insurance plans.

The operation itself usually takes no more then half an hour, and is performed in a doctor’s office. The heart of the procedure is done with a laser. The patient’s eyes are first anesthetized, then a small ring is place atop the lid so as to create suction inside the eye itself. Then something called a microkeratome, which in layman’s language is a cutting instrument, is attached to the ring so that a small incision can be made inside the cornea, where the damaged tissue lies. The patient is fully awake during this procedure and the eyes remain open the entire time.

After the cornea is cut, then the doctor uses the laser to remove the damaged tissue from the cornea. Again, this is a pain free experience. When all the damaged tissue is removed, the cornea flap is replaced and a cover is placed over the eye while the cornea heals, which is usually about a week.

Some patients do experience some discomfort after the surgery, either in the form of sensitivity to light or from the incision itself but intense pain is not a part of either experience.

The procedure has been enormously helpful to patients with chronic eye troubles. These range from cataracts to blurred vision and both near and far sightedness. The gift of sight is a great one and those who are given the opportunity to regain lost gifts are particularly radiant about what LASIK surgery offers them: a new lease on life.

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