Knowing The Science Of Your Body

November 5th, 2012

Your body is a complex mass of intertwining muscles, veins, and neurons. The science of your body may be something that you want to forget about now that you are out of health from school, but you still should know what makes your body work. In fact, the things that you do are all related to the science of your body. The way that you perform, the problems that you face with health and your overall life’s experience has to do with your body. The science behind it is important to know because, in the long term, you can make changes to each of these aspects when you know how your body works.

For example, why do you overeat? It could be because your body isn’t working correctly in that your brain isn’t getting the message from your stomach that you are full. It could be that you are eating too much because your body is craving food to compensate for a missing mineral or vitamin in your diet. Or, it could be that your brain and emotional triggers are off and your hormone imbalance is wrong, causing you to emotionally eat.

Take the time to understand the science of your body and you will ultimately be able to make decisions that can make your body healthier and make you happier, too.

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